Summer Greetings from PowerLink

 To the family, friends, alums, owners, advisors and partners of PowerLink: 


I hope you have been able to spend time with family, friends and colleagues enjoying the summer weather. As we move further into a post-pandemic world, I hope we have all become a bit wiser and more grateful for our safe circles in the wake of this challenging time. However, not everyone has been able to experience the relief we have felt at our return to a new kind of normalcy. 


In August of 2021, when the Taliban entered Kabul, Afghanistan and set up a new government, most of us got our information from the news media. But PowerLink has expanded over the last three years and we received a call on August 24th that an Afghani College founder and president was in Canada on leave to finish a doctoral program, watching her 772 female students, faculty and staff lose their jobs, their homes and basic needs and most immediately went into hiding. The college building could no longer hold classes because of sanctions from the new government and fear of reprisals by students, faculty and administrators.  Over the last two years, the college has slowly found its student body, though in hiding or escaping to other countries. In Afghanistan, the situation for women is still dire today. There have already been over 40 sanctions against women in the last two years. Unfortunately, their lives are not getting any easier. 


This summer, the college’s goal is to educate, test and graduate their students through online programs in partnership with a Canadian university beginning in August, 2023. Only a few students are still missing and the rest are alive and safe. That is the first blessing. The second blessing is that the college administration and faculty have not given up hope to continue educating these women through online classes. We also believe the college could attract new students with enough support in scholarships. Scholarship for one student is $180 for two semesters.  PowerLink’s director (me) is supporting this campaign by contributing $180 per month for 12 months to help 12 students. I am confident those 12 women will receive the gift of an education for one school year. I am asking you to consider helping at least one student yourself. 


I invite you to donate to our GlobalGiving Campaign to support women’s education in Afghanistan. Please give anything you can for scholarships for these young Afghani women. Thank you so much for your are making a huge difference in at least one woman’s life. With your gift you will receive: 


• A profile of your student (no names for confidentiality), their field of study, and a copy of their graduation certificate when they graduate. 

• About 720 students are women who will never complete their studies without financial aid. All lost their jobs on August 15th. 

• This institution was founded in 2002 by a group of women hopeful about a fresh start under a new democratic government. 

• There are thousands of young refugees in neighboring states of Afghanistan. They are safe but do not have access to education. Your continued support will enable these individuals to gain a college degree which will help them work in their host countries or find jobs online. 


We are committed to continuing the mission of ASCENT College. Help us give scholarships to 772 young women and join us in celebrating the launch of ASCENT online college in the fall of 2023! Thank you and may you and yours have a wonderful summer and prosperity, health and safety as we move through the year. -A 



Anita Brattina 

CEO and Board Chair, PowerLink