Less than 2 Weeks and Counting
--Anita Brattina

Less than 2 weeks until we celebrate the power of PowerLink together at 
The Coterie. I can’t wait – can you?

On the evening of Monday, April 24th step inside the 20th floor of The Frick Building and experience The Coterie where we will be honoring 11 companies for their incredible stories of growth. We are also honoring 7 advisors and 8 leaders that have uniquely contributed impact to PowerLink -- we would love for you to join us (Register here).

This is the 25th year in a row that PowerLink has been accepting advisors into the PowerLink family. Impressive, isn’t it?

Maybe you don’t know my story --- I was one of two companies lucky enough to receive the help of a PowerLink Custom Advisory Board that first year…my very first meeting was in May, 1992. That group of advisors … Brian, Sue, Michael, Steve, Larry, and Ilana changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

My advisors will tell you their version of this story:  they were executives from area corporations and one very savvy CEO Founder. I was a very green business owner struggling to figure out how to grow, hire, retain, make a profit, pay the bills and keep track of all my expenses. Basically, I was a mess. I tried to avoid even getting a PowerLink board because they told me I would have to distribute financials to my board. Not only did I not have them, I stored all my receipts in a Giant Eagle bag …. seriously. Lucky for me, PowerLink convinced me to move forward. I shared my numbers (hand written). My board did not blink. Not only were they not judgmental, they did the opposite. They firmly but gently shared what I should be doing. My company did $260,000 in 1991. By October of 1993 I hit $1 million … yes, that’s right $1 million. And I went on to grow that business to 122 employees.  

Never in a million years could I have imagined having done that without my PowerLink Advisory Board.

If you are reading this, you may have some connection (or want to be connected) to the power of PowerLink. We want you to share your story. What is on your mind? What keeps you up at night? What is your desire for your company, your family, your life? Are you someone like me, who has achieved it? I’m sure it is probably an amazing story. And probably a story you don’t share with anyone.

Over 25 years more than 800 advisors have helped more than 300 owners in Western Pennsylvania and hundreds more across the US through Athena International (licensee of our PowerLink Advisory Board program for emerging woman-owned companies). As an alumna and the new CEO of PowerLink I was one of the people who got to sift through our 25 years of archives and meet with and talk to many people as they shared story after story about what they did to help our companies thrive.

We want to share these stories because like most success, 
the path is hidden under humility and rarely shared.