Success Stories: Hometown Spine and Sport

It is a proud moment at PowerLink when we watch our business owners finish their PowerLink Advisory Board cycle and continue their growth. To honor these businesses and celebrate their hard work, we have asked these owners to tell us about their experience. Here, owner Josh Slomkowski of Hometown Spine & Sport shares about lessons learned, expectations, and plans for the future. 

Could you tell us a bit about your business?
Hometown Spine & Sport is leading the movement in cutting edge pain management therapies that involve a hybridized blend of chiropractic, rehabilitative exercises and soft tissue treatments. We have molded our practice to treat more than just spinal related conditions to enable us to help people with non-spinal injuries as well such as rotator cuff disorders, carpal tunnel, knee tendonitis, and many more. Our patients always receive an in-depth examination and treatment that promote self-care management of injuries at home.

What were you anticipating when you signed on with PowerLink?
Prior to my first meeting with my Powerlink board, I was expecting to receive an outsider's analysis for my practice that could help with the growth and stability of my business. Truthfully, I did not know how these goals were going to be achieved, but I certainly received an abundance of knowledge and suggestions that were very helpful.

And what has your experience been in the advisory board experience?
Our company has grown by 10% since PowerLink has stepped in. My board members were exceptional! They gave me various homework assignments in between our meetings that challenged me to apply their suggestions, and would periodically check in with me to offer their help and hold me accountable for implementing certain changes. Powerlink also introduced me to some great leaders who I plan on keeping in touch with in the future.

What would you say is your greatest lesson learned?
The greatest lesson that I learned was that building a strong foundation for your business with the proper policies and procedures enables quicker adaptation for growth.

Any plans for the future?
My plans for the future involve expanding my business within the next 2 years to hopefully add more staff members as growth is achieved.

Thank you Josh Slomkowski for sharing about your experience with PowerLink!

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